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Thursday, January 29, 2004
Two things I can no longer tolerate:

Cheese of the feta or goat variety.
Used to eat it, now I want to project it out of my body if I try to eat it. So sad to give a whole category of cheese. Two, really.

Cucumbers. Green peppers.
From the 'Oh my God, I'm turning into my Father' Dep't.
What can I say? I'm like an Alcaseltzer commercial. I like green peppers, but they don't like me...

We went to see "Lost in Translation" at the Arclight and not five minutes before the end, the manager came in and told us there was a security issue and we all had to vacate. So all I know is that poor Scarlet Johannson is still hanging out in the lobby of a Tokyo hotel, looking moonie eyed at a dashing Bill Murray. What happens? Do they run off together? Does he stay for an extra day so they can fuck like rabbits? Do they have a Casablanca ending? Magnum mysterium.