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Friday, January 16, 2004
Are we posting yet?

Amen, brother.

I could go one of two ways.

Living in New York or Paris as a very highly paid call girl. A small but elegantly appointed apartment, weekly trips to the spa for maintainance. Fabulous, complicated underwear. Perilously high heels. Taxi's only. Fucking interesting and sexy men who know what they're doing. Total discretion. And of course there's the smoking and the vodka. How else does one cope, darling?

A working ranch in Montana with ranch hands. I live in the big old farm house, which I'm refurbishing. I quilt, can tomatoes, green beans, pickles, peaches and ten other things from my kitchen garden in advance of the harsh Montana winter. I have horses and dogs, and raise grass fed, organic, hormone free black angus and I sell primarily to a shochet, a kosher butcher. I also start a small yoga studio what was originally the drawing room of the big farmhouse. I occasionally take a lover, but mostly I write.