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Wednesday, April 24, 2002
I am hating blogger right now because I just wrote a brilliant, succinct blog describing my current state of mind and the events which brought me there. So lame. Perhaps I can recreate the magic. For the second time in five months I've had my vehicle booted by the City of Los Angeles for overdue parking tickets, which I could not afford to pay. It's not like I had a honkin' big pile of them and i thought, why bother? It was more like, how the fuck? I got up at 6a.m. to take Tuffy out to pee and it did occur to me to stay up for the day, instead of returning to my still warm and cozy bed. In my perfect life, I'd stay up, take a mild digestive cleanser, do yoga, take Tuffy to the Canyon for a run, come back to the apartment for fruit, tea and a little bit of the New York Times, then head off to an AA meeting before going to work. And work would be a lovely studio with a decent piano and a computer, so that I could alternately bang out jaunty little essays and new songs to sing. Instead I hauled my lazy ass back into bed and oblivion, only to awaken to the sight of a bright orange warning sticker pasted to my windshield. Nice.
I've had to ask my boss for a cash advance fof 600 bucks (ouch).
Here's a quote I had post-it-noted to my computer in a fit of being very clever and cute (these thing always come around to bite one in the ass later):

"Trust is proving trust in the fullness of life in spite of the experienced course of the world" Martin Buber. from I and Thou. I think. But it's Buber, for sure.

I know it's only a lock on the wheel of my car, anchoring it to the parking spot just below my bedroom window, but it's the priciple of the thing. I'm a grown woman who cannot seem to keep her car rolling free. It's humiliating. And demoralizing. Really, I'm just broke, and every week the decision to eat or pay a ticket comes up...
Clearly, I need a parking spot. And some M-O-N-E-Y.

All that said, I'm really quite well. It's a weathery, gloomy day in Los Angeles and I like it. Not to mentio that the day is basically over, and I am looking forward to a hike at Runyon with my friend Carey and her dog ( a Belgian Malanois), Fanny. Tuffy will go out of his little skin with joy. He'll plotz. He'll pee.